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Villages in Córdoba


Villages in Córdoba

Villaralto, Comarca de los Pedroches Town

Villaralto is a municipality situated in the comarca (region) de los Pedroches, to the north of the province of Cordoba, in a landscape of croplands and pastures of grasses and oaks, extensively engaged in livestock and ranching.

The village, small and secluded, has an urban structure formed radially around the church, with narrow streets of family housing the construction of which combines granite and lime.

Founded late fifteenth or early sixteenth when a group of settlers from the then Torremilano (currently Dos Torres ), arrived in the region in search of new farmland and grazing.

This village was subsequently ceded by the City of Cordoba to Don Luis Fernandez Carreras, brother of the Archdeacon of Pedroche, which gave this small population centre its own jurisdiction, thereby breaking the dependency and ties it had with Torremilano. This situation would result in a lengthy legal dispute between the two municipalities for control of certain lands would only be finalized only in 1663.

Villaralto Monuments

Parish of San Pedro (baroque appearance). Altarpiece of the Virgin of Buensuceso, a work of the second half of the XVIII century. Late Baroque elements with classic architectural elements still survive.

Painting of San Pablo (St. Paul) the Hermit (canvas produced in 1667 by Sebastian de Llanos Valdés, Baroque).

Archaeological Sites

Laguna de la Cruz Torrica or Abraham’s Corner Berrocoso
Laguna de Prieto
Pozo Llorente
Arroyo de las Piedras del Diablo (Roman hábitat of thehigh and low Empire).
Granite sarcophagi (Visigoth) from “El Bano”.


Calle Ayuntamiento.
Cruz de Granite, Calle Captain.
Museum Showcases on display at the Parish church of San Pedro, with works by Damien de Castro.

Villaralto Gastronomy

A Traditional winter dish is migas with torreznos, which is the best accompanied by pitarra wine, homemade. As in other villages in the area, also prepared here is stuffed sausage called relleno.

As for sweets we should mention las Pelas de Jueves Santo (Holy Thursday).


Out of Cordoba. Continue: N-432. Passing El Vacar. Turn right: N-502. Continue: N-502A. Passing Alcaracejos Turn left: CO-9009. Enter Villaralto.

Distances from Villaralto

Añora 11km
El Viso 4.5 km
Cordoba 81 km
Belalcázar 26 km
Pozoblanco 17 km
Dos Torres 8.5 km
Alcaracejos 9.5 km
Santa Eufemia 19 km
Fuente la Lancha 7 km
Hinojosa del Duque 18 km

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