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Víznar – Cuzco Palace

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Cuzco Palace – Víznar

The Cuzco Palace is located in the Noguera Square, next to Nuestra Señora del Pilar Parish Church in the Andalusian town of Víznar, Granada.

The name of the palace certainly reminds us of the Latin Amerincan city of Peru, and this is because Cuzco Palace was commissioned by Juan Manuel de Moscoso y Peralta, who was born in Peru and became Archbishop of Granada. He used it as a summer residence, with construction beginning in 1795.

The Palace garden have clear Italian influences, which, when contemplated together with the palace, create a beautiful and harmonious space. It has been designated the title of Spanish national monument, and, as you can see it adjoins the parish church.

The Palace still retains its original distribution, with no less than 2.500 square meters of rooms spread across its three floors. It also conserves much of the original decor, such as frescoes, wooden doors with golden ornaments and many other embellishments.

The upper gallery of the east-facing facade is richly decorated with frescos, painted in keeping with the Italian tradition. And, as already mentione, there are some amazing gardens that were constructed at the same time as the Palace, where you can stroll amon magnolias and cypresses while listening to the sound of the fountains.

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