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Watchtowers in Andalucia

Watchtowers in Andalucia

Watchtowers in Andalucia – Andalusian Watchtowers
Andalucía – Spain

On this page you will find information about the existing Watchtowers in Andalucia, in our Andalusian region, their characteristics, situations, photos, etc.

With this page we intend to give information about the Watchtowers in Andalusia, towers for military use, medieval towers (typical of Cadiz), farm towers, military fortifications, defensive architecture in our Andalusian community.

Of great importance in Andalucia were our coastal watchtowers, military buildings built on our Medirerranean and Atlantic coast to defend them from the frequent attacks of the Berberis that disembarked in our coasts, robbed an looted cities, towns and villages near the sea.

The Andalusian heritage is impressive, if we take a tour of our Andalusia we will be able to discover the ample Historical and Artistic Heritage of our watchtowers, almenara towers, coastal watchtowers and interior watchtowers of Andalusia.

Andalusia is full of impressive defensive towers, optical towers, almenara tower, military buildings scattered by our coastal geography, towers for the defense of our coast the Atlantic and the Medirerranean slopes, cylindrical towers, rentangular towers, square, hoofed towers(Torre Lance de las Cañas), horseshoe towers, frustoconical tower, circular towers, square prism towers(Torre Ladrones), monuments of interest with a history and incalculable cultural value.

Andalusia has countless watchtowers, military towers, defensive towers and bulwarks declared to be of Cultural Interest Monuments (BIC), monuments of great historical and artistic value, defensive military architecture of Andalusia.

From here we encourage everyone to practice the tourism of Watchtowers and castles for our Andalucia. Most of our towns and cities in Andalusia have a castle, fortress, wall, citadel or watchtower to visit.

All the information included in regarding  our watchtowers in Andalusia has been compiled from diverse sources. cannot guarantee complete accuracy and validity of the information that you will find here.

Photos: the photography that appears on our pages of Towers and Watchtowers in Andalucia have been taken by our photographic team and they are the property of

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