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Monuments in Málaga

Yunquera – Cruz del Pobre Chapel

Monuments in Málaga

ChapelCruz del Pobre Chapel – Yunquera

We have no information on the construction of this chapel on the outskirts of the town, next to the cemetery, although there is an inscription on the iron fence that states it was finished in 1866. The chapel has the shape of an hexagonal prism and a six-section roof. Inside, it houses an image of Christ Crucified. This is one of many crosses that used to indicate road junctions.

Tradition has it that when the men left the town to go to neighbouring towns or to Malaga, they would as the Cruz del Pobre Christ to protect them on their way and, when they returned, they gave thanks for their safe journey. Christ Crucified is greatly venerated by the people form Yunquera.

This chapel is a further testimony of the popular religious environment that Yunquera has preserved, such as the niches that can be found throughout the entire town, always at busy places: crossroads, corners, fountains.

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