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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Zafarraya, Poniente Granadino

Zafarraya is an Andalusian town situated in the south of the Poniente Granadino (Granada province), in southeastern Spain. It borders the Granadina municipalities of Loja and Alhama de Granada and the Malaga municipalities of Periana and Alfarnate.

Apparently the name comes from the Arabic Zafarraya ‘al-ra Faha iyya’ (land of shepherds), although some say it comes from ‘Saiarraya’ which means ‘limit of territory.’

Since ancient times, man has settled in Llano or Polje. Neanderthal remains of the so-called ‘Hombre de Zafarraya’ (Man of Zafarraya), dated around 30,000 years ago also testify to this, together with the many prehistoric remains found around Polje. In the second millennium BC the culture of Argar came to this region, with settlements built on easily defended sites. Argaric remains have been found to the south of Llano, which is reached by way of Alfarnate.

Phoenicians and Romans settled in these lands, with coins, other objects and remains of ancient roads found documenting their presence.

In the early days of Islamic rule (mid-eighth century), when Prince Omeyya  Abd al-Rahman (whose family had been defeated and all its members killed by Abbas) fled to North Africa and thence to al-Andalus, and travelled to the interior of the region by way of  Zafarraya.

This same journey was made by the Muslims many times on their advance to the recovery of Vélez and also by the Christians in the reconquest of Loja and Alhama. Remains of numerous communication towers connecting the coast with the interior of the peninsula have been uncovered. The area was part of the ‘Royal Nazari highway’, and many Arab travelers passed through, among them Ibn Batuta in 1349.

After the Christian conquest, the region came under the control of Velez-Malaga starting a centuries long dispute between Velez and Alhama.

In 1913 Zafarraya was constituted as an independent town, and soon after, as a municipality.

Zafarraya Monuments

Ermita de Nuestra Senora de las Tres Marias (hermitage)
Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepcion (Church of the Immaculate Conception)
Archaeological Complex of Boquete de Zafarraya
Aldea de Ventas de Zafarraya

Zafarraya Polje


‘Cachorreñas’ soups, white garlic, or cold ‘morrete’, chanquetas de la Sierra (whitebait),  ‘maimones’soup, casseroles, kid with garlic, lamb chops or loin ‘de orza’.Ermita


From Granada: Exit the motorway A-92G for 9.5 miles to Santa Fe, take exit 229/230/231A/231B to Malaga / Sevilla / Airport. Follow the A-92 direction Sevilla. Take Exit number 187 Venta del Rayo / Zafarraya.
From Malaga: Take the motorway for 25.2 km A-7/E-15 Take exit 272 to Velez Malaga / Torre del Mar / Costa / Viñuela / Colmenar. Continue on A-356 for 13.6 miles Continue on A-402 for 12.2 km

Distances from Zafarraya

Agrón 45 km
Periana 21 km
Granada 82 km
Riogordo 36 km
Velez Malaga – 30 km
Moraleda de Zafayona 45 km
Alhama de Granada A 22 km
Villanueva del Rosario 29 km


4 comentarios

  1. Paulo Fontes escribio:

    Moro no Brasil. Meu avô e meu bisavô nasceram em Zafarraya. Este ano, 2022, estou com 58 anos e consegui visitar a terra que eles nasceram. Emocionante. Quero voltar com mais tempo…

  2. Antonio Sánchez Luque escribio:

    Vivo en Jerez de la Frontera.
    Nací en Ventas de Zafarraya.
    Mi padre era de El Almendral y mi madre de Ventas.

    A mi padre le tocó hacer la mili en Jerez. Esto hizo que acabáramos aquí.
    Además, posteriormente llegaron mi tío Antonio y mi primo José, que formaron sus familias. Finalmente los padres de José , Enrique y Julia y el tío Colás también arribaron.

  3. JUAN escribio:

    Yo naci en Zafarraya vivo en Girona y visito mi pueblo siempre que puedo, mi nombre Juan Rodriguez Tejada a mi abuelo materno le llamaban EL ZORRO.

    • Antonio escribio:

      Yo vivo en barcelona y también lo visito siempre que puedo.
      A mi padre lo conocían como Antonio rito y a mi también.
      Un afectuoso saludo.

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