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Water Dams in Cádiz

Zahara de la Sierra Dam

Water Dams in Cádiz

Zahara de la Sierra Dam & Reservoir

The Zahara de la Sierra Dam is located in Zahara, near the towns of Algodonales, Grazalema and El Gastor, is in the midst of mountains and it is a fairly deep reservoir, the mountains of Grazalema is the closest and the main supplier of water.

The environment is very attractive because of its proximity to the Natural Park of Sierra Grazalema.

The Guadalete river rises in the Sierra de Grazalema at the Puerto de la Presilla.

The reservoir besides acting as a work of regulating the river, serves to put in irrigation a large area in the area known as Los Llanos de Villamartin, located downstream of the dam.

Project: Zahara Dam and Reservoir – The Gastor – Guadalete River
Location: Guadalete River – Cadiz – Spain
Promoter: Ministry of Public Works and Transport
Characteristics: Embankment Dam
Capacity of reservoir: 223 hm3
Height above foundation: 82 m Coronation
Length: 420 m
Coronation width: 12 m

Approximate distances from the dam:

Ronda 45 km
Olvera 28 km
Sevilla 98 km
Málaga 127 km
Grazalema 16 km
Algodonales 8 km
Arcos de la Frontera 49 km
Jerez de la Frontera 81 km

Water Dam & Reservoir, Zahara de la Sierra

Presa de Zahara

Presa de Zahara. Aliviadero de la Presa del Embalse de Zahara de la Sierra - El Gastor, Pantano de Zahara

Presa de Zahara - Plano

Presa de Zahara

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