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Zalia Castle Alcaucin

Castles in Málaga

Zalia Castle – Alcaucin

The Zalia Castle is located north of the Axarquia, between the Sierra de Tejeda and the relief of the Periana corridor, between the spectacular Boquete de Zafarraya and the mountains of the Azarquia, facing La Viñuela Reservoir, in the Andalusian municipality of Alcaucin, Malaga province.

The fortress is easily accessed by the road up from La Viñuela Dam address Ventas de Zafarraya-Granada.

Although hardly can be seen today due to their state of total ruin, Zalia Castle had an irregural plant of approximately 120m x 150 m. You can still see some towers and remains of the wall between the gorse and scrubland existing around.

The fortress had a double walled, both being very irregular. Account outside with thick masonry walls, punctuated by towers of square section and some circular; they have disappeared several stretches of wall, while other very displaced. The fortress provided inside of a water tank and a large entrance gate flanked by two large masonry towers regrown with mud on top. Its main entrance was facing north.

It is believed that it was a fortress rebuilt by the Arabs on the other primitive built by the Phoenicians. In September 1485 it was conquered by the Catholic Monarchs. After the war of the Alpujarras the Zalia Castle became prison-bishopric.

Although the Zalia Castle is in ruins, well worth a visit while you can appreciate the surroundings where we find places and characteristic villages of the Axarquia Malagueña like Alcaucin, Viñuela, Periana, Canillas de Aceituno, etc..
Zalia Castle - Alcaucin - Fortress in Alcaucín

Zalia Castle

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  1. Domingo Marquez escribio:

    I believe the outer gate of the Zalia Castle was facing north, dificult to know cause of the state of the castle. I could not find any old plane construction.

  2. Pete Gritton escribio:

    Thank you for your useful website.
    Can you tell me where the outer gate of Castillo de Zalia was situated? I have walked the site and suspect it may have been at the North East corner, now destroyed.
    Also, are the terraces in the outer Ward contemporary with the castle?
    Many thanks.

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