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Watchtowers Málaga

Zambra Wachtower

Watchtowers Málaga

Zambra Watchtower – Casabermeja

The Zambra Watchtower is located on top of a fairly high hill and is accessed from the town of Casabermeja by the MA-30101 or MA-436 through the Chorro Recreational Area, after the Ventorrillo Patas Cortas.

Located four kilometers from the town, next to the old Camino Real de Málaga, Zambra Watchtower is an Arab watchtower built during the 13th century. It joins its unquestionable historical value its privileged location, which allows you to observe one of the most extensive and varied panoramic views of the province of Málaga, part of Granada and north of África.

The Zambra Watchtower has a circular plant and a semi-cylindrical shape, the diameter is 5 meters and the height is 4 meters. The tower is partially demolished.

Zambra Watchtower - Casabermeja

Málaga from Zambra Watchtower - Casabermeja

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