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Zambullon Watchtower

Watchtowers Granada

Zambullon Watchtower – Gualchos

The Zambullon Watchtower is located in the municipality of Gualchos, between the Raijana Watchtower and the town of Calahonda. The best way to visit the tower is leaving the town of Calahonda (Motril) in the direction of Castell de Ferro, a few minutes to the right (Punta de Cerro Gordo) there is a rest area. Park here and carefully walk to the tower that is in an old curve of the N-340.

The Torre de Zambullon is a coastal watchtower that was built, like most of the coastal watch towers of the Mediterranenan coast in the XVI century. It has a cylindrical shape, although with a slight slope and a circular plant of 7.40 meters in diameter. It is built on a leveling platform with an apparent claw measuring 15 centimeters, on which it mounts the masonry factory of its walls, of medium sized stoneres with exterior plaster. It is 9 meters high.

The access hole to the room opens to the Northeast at a height of 6 meters, with lintels and stonework jambs. It conserves its interior almost intact, observing remains of the original brick flooring. It has a diameter of 3.30 meters and a height of 2.20 up to the start of the brick vault that covers it, with an arrow of 1 meter. The fireplace is to the southeast. The staircase of the terrace to the North, rising to the right, embedded in the thickness of the wall and with a 55-centimetre area. To the west is a small cupboard and, under it, there is a silo or circular cistern 1.80 meters in diameter. The window opening, perhaps an old embrasure, is to the south, although it is badly destroyed.

To the south of the Zambullon Watchtower there were remains of a construction, possibly related to the leveling claw, which have apparently been destroyed by the execution of an old route of the National Highway 340 that passes next to it. These remains consisted of two walls that started from the tower in a South-Southeast and South-Southwest direction. From this building attached to the tower and under the aforementioned window, an entrance hole has been made from a lower level, with its plastered walls, accessing the interior of the room vertically, as a chimney.

Zambullon Watchtower - Gualchos

Zambullon Watchtower - Gualchos

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