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Water Dams in Huelva

Zufre Dam

Water Dams in Huelva

Zufre Dam & Reservoir

Zufre Dam was built in 1991 on the bed of the Rivera de Huelva River, in the municipality of Zufre, province of Huelva, Andalucia, Spain.

Zufre is a loose materials dam with clay core, with a height from foundations of 69,25 meters and a crest lenght of 495 meters.

Zufre Reservoir belong to the Cuenca Hidrografica del Guadalquivir (Guadalquivir River Basin) and has a capacity of 175 hm3.

Uses of Zufre Reservoir

Ecological Flow

Water Supplying



Zufre Dam & Reservoir

Zufre Municipality

Villa to the North of the Province of Huelva, in the Judicial district of Aracena, with 932 inhabitants, 333.6 square kilometers of municipal surface and Municipal area. Due to its extension, it occupies the third town in the province of Huelva with the largest municipal area.

Located at an altitude above sea level of 446 meters. Located on the regional road 435 from Higuera de la Sierra to Santa Olalla del Cala. It is 120 km from the capital of Huelva and 82 km from Seville.

It is located within the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park. It limits to the west with the town of Aracena, to the north with Cala, to the northwest with Santa Olalla, to the southwest with El Ronquillo, to the south with Castillo de las Guardas and to the southeast with Zalamea la Real.

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