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Trails in Córdoba - Walking & Hiking Cordoba

Zuheros – Rio Bailon Path

Trails in Córdoba - Walking & Hiking Cordoba

Zuheros – Rio Bailon Path

Rio Bailon Path. The beginning of the route is indicated by the beautiful panoramic view of the town of Zuheros, (province of Córdoba) that you will contemplate between the notch of the Charco Hondo Canyon. You will be impressed by this route that is traced along the Bailón river due to the sharp contrast between fullness and slope, and the breadth of the landscape that can be seen. The course of the river, given the plain where La Nava flows, draws various turns. Especially beautiful is the contrast of vegetation present in the autumn season, where the reddish, brown and ocher colors of the maple and cornicabra leaves stand out against the green of the oaks and the yellowish of the gall oaks.

The abundant crags offer an ideal refuge for birds, such as birds of prey, adapted to this type of environment. The eagle owl, the peregrine falcon and the vulture are its most prominent guests, as are the abundant and noisy jackdaws and red-billed choughs.

Later you will reach the Fuente de la Mora. From there you can see the numerous caves and cavities, the result of erosion, that form the steep slopes of the Bailón River valley. The Cueva del Fraile stands out for its dimensions, named after the shape of the rock that is found at its entrance threshold.

Upstream, there are Las Chorreras, where the stream of La Fuensaca runs through the rocks with great beauty in its fall. These navas or “poljes” originate through a process known as “karstification”, which gives rise to low and very flat areas, with irregular contours and located between mountainous areas. Its lands have great agricultural fertility, being especially suitable for cattle pasture. If you are attentive you will be able to observe some paved surfaces with a circular contour on the way.

Path type: lineal
Length of route: 11,8 kilometers
Duration (one way): 5 hours
Degree of difficuloty: medium

Zuheros - Rio Bailon Path

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